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What is Strength & Conditioning?

One of the misconceptions in the sports world is that a sports person gets in shape by just playing or taking part in the chosen sport. If continuing to play at a certain level of performance and consistently executing a few limited skills is your goal then taking part only in your sport will keep you there. However, for the utmost efficiency, consistent improvement and balanced abilities, sportsmen and women must participate in year round conditioning programs. The bottom line in sports conditioning and fitness training is stress as in adaptive body stress.

Sportsmen and women must put their bodies under overload in order to increase physical capabilities. We have all felt ourselves in that position where no matter how much we train to improve our 10K time by increasing our mileage or doing more speed work we just don't seem to get anywhere but instead end up getting an injury for our efforts and have to take weeks off to recover. If this sounds like you it may be that you need some strength and conditioning!

Aspects of Strength & Conditioning

There are many different approaches to strength and conditioning which vary depending on a number of factors including: your individual goals, the nature of the sport, your stage of development and the structure of your competitive season. Whatever the method of delivery and variables a strength and conditioning programme will generally be concerned with one or more of the following factors:

  • strength
  • speed
  • power
  • agility
  • endurance
  • stability
  • postural correction/imbalance
  • reaction time

Strength & Conditioning at Achilles Heel Clinic

We provide one to one strength and conditioning sessions at Achilles Heel Clinic. Our coaches are all highly trained and hold the relevant qualifications in sport and exercise as well as the appropriate insurance and indemnity cover. Our coaches work closely with our physiotherapists so if you are carrying an injury our team will communicate regularly regarding your goals and needs in order to ensure that you achieve your goal.




...I can only thank you for all your kindness, tenderness and help with regards to my massage experiences! The whole experience was totally refreshing and restorative...

Sam Eccles, Consultant

I could not do it without all the amazing people I have to support me

Ross McFarlane, Competition Wrestler

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